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In this webinar series Liferay experts will talk about concepts, solutions and strategies in the process of digital transformation and beyond. They will reflect on different technology options that help to style business processes around the expections of the connected customer. Some webinars will also focus on features of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that help you make real transformation happen.

This webinar series is free of charge and gives you the freedom to connect from your workplace or from home. See below for an overview of the upcoming topics.

More webinars will be offered soon! Stay tuned.

Upgrade to Liferay DXP Webinar Series 

Kris Patefield

Liferay DXP, a cloud-friendly platform with a modular architecture
Upgrading to Liferay DXP helps to reduce costs and to innovate on digital transformation process thanks to its cloud-friendly compatibility services, and the benefits that modular architecture and the containers contribute to cloud infrastructures. Join this webinar to learn how Liferay DXP supports deployment strategies based on cloud or on-premise infrastructures and more...

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User-friendly mobile and web experience tools in Liferay DXP
Upgrading to Liferay DXP will provide you with web and mobile tools to build a Unified Customer Experience. Join this webinar to learn how to improve and personalize web experience across multiple channels and devices and more...

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New collaboration tools and knowledge management capabilities for Intranet design in Liferay DXP
This in-depth webinar will show you an overview of all the collaboration features that round out Liferay DXP with a intranet scenario of a retail company. You'll learn what you can expect when building an intranet with Liferay DXP and its out-of-the-box social collaboration features & get a demo.

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Sergio Sanchez

From Better to Best: Upgrading from Liferay Portal to Liferay DXP
Sergio Sanchez will explain the benefits and how-tos in the process of migrating from an older version of Liferay to Liferay DXP. In this webinar we'll look at several technical aspects during the migration process: from the database update procedure to updating plugins and adapting to modular development case by case, and much more.

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More On-Demand Webinars 


José & Maarten

Mobile Strategy: Optimizing for the Connected Customer
Today's customer expects a mobile-ready experience as part of his digital interaction with your brand. But which mobile strategy is the best for your connected customer? What are pros and cons for each strategy available on the market? And how do you make sure that your mobile strategy leads to a set of interconnected mobile experiences resulting in a consistent customer journey?  

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Engage your customers with personalized offers in an automated way
Audience targeting helps to cater offers to the needs of your customers all by taking into account their interests and behavior when using your online platform. In this webinar Liferay Platinum Partner Webtown will walk you through their banking demo that show-cases in a very practical way how to use audience targeting in Liferay DXP to serve customers.

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Audience Targeting, Apps, Mobile and More: The Latest in Liferay DXP
How can you provide the best digital experience for your customers? Mike MacAuley will help you understand how Liferay Digital Experience Platform will enable you to take your customer experience to the next level.

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Bryan Cheung

Beyond Transformation: Three Hurdles to Digital Success and How to Overcome Them
Hear Liferay's CEO Bryan Cheung speak about three common hurdles to digital success, highlight best practices and take a look at coming trends. He will address specific recommendations for decision-makers, whether just starting this journey or looking for the next strategic steps.

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Olaf Kock

Mission Critical: Security Best Practices in Liferay
From infrastructure to configuration to content management: security aspects are relevant on every level of your Liferay installation. 
Join the webinar to learn more about security aspects in Liferay and in business critical applications.

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How Liferay DXP takes (Sharepoint) Intranets to the Next Level
Microsoft had been taking the lead in facilitating editing documents - by editing documents stored in SharePoint directly in Office. Is this the only way you can manage documents? How does Liferay integrate with SharePoint, or what solutions are there when working with Liferay to simply edit documents? Peter Mesotten from Liferay Partner ACA will highlight his experiences with customers and solutions that ACA found.

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Digital Experience Platforms - Designed for Digital Transformation

Enterprises today have high standards to meet when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers. This whitepaper explains the value of a digital experience platform for enterprises who are focused on creating personalized, connected experiences in the midst of digital transformation.
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