Keeping the conversation going across customer touchpoints to get a unified customer experience

Improving customer experience at digital touchpoints continues to be one of the highest priorities for businesses today. Upgrading to Liferay DXP will provide you with web and mobile tools to build a Unified Customer Experience.

Join us for an overview of how Liferay DXP can help you to build a seamless customer experience through a banking demo scenario.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is a Unified Customer Experience
  • How the Web Experience Suite & Mobile First design features in Liferay DXP make it easier for non-technical users to create web content (demo)
  • How to improve and personalize web experience across multiple channels and devices (demo)
  • How to reuse web components in native mobile apps and an overview of native apps development tools at Liferay DXP (SDK, Liferay Screens & Liferay Push) (demo)
  • How to develop a native app with Android Studio and Liferay Screens (demo)
This webinar is especially interesting for:

CTOs, project managers, and front-end developers, working currently with Liferay previous versions, who want to see how Liferay DXP’s new features for web and mobile experiences can help them create better customer experiences across channels.

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Kris Patefield

Pre-Sales Engineer 


Kris Patefield is Liferay's Pre-Sales Technical Consultant in the UK. Kris has worked in digital transformation technologies as a developer, manager and consultant since 2002. Kris has a keen interest in back-end JAVA service enabled technology mixed with modern front-end design patterns. 

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