Join this webinar and discover.

From infrastructure to configuration to content management - security aspects are relevant on every level of your Liferay installation. In this webinar you'll get answers to the following questions:

  • Which security aspects you have to consider for every level of your Liferay installation?
  • How do you improve password security?
  • What does Liferay do to secure the Liferay platform?

Join the webinar to learn more about security aspects in Liferay and in business critical applications.

This webinar is especially interesting for:

CIOs, IT Operations, System Admins, Developer, Project Managers


Olaf Kock  

Olaf Kock

Training Manager Europe


Starting as an active part of the Liferay community in 2008, Olaf joined Liferay Germany as a Technical Consultant and Trainer in 2010 and is currently overseeing the training program in Europe. He hosts “Radio Liferay” podcasts and shines light on the personal side of the people involved in Liferay and covers news.

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