Is "Mobile First" still the right approach?

"Mobile First" is quickly changing into "Mobile Only". Having a responsive website isn't enough on its own. So how do you stay ahead of the competition and succeed? Join this webinar and within one hour you will have the answers to these key questions:  

  • What are the pros and cons of the three main mobile strategies?
  • Which approach fits best with your organizational goals?
  • What are the crucial factors to consider when choosing your Mobile Strategy?
  • How does the Liferay Mobile Experience roadmap look like and what are future possibilities?
  • How did a decentralized organisation succeed in setting up a mobile strategy for 8.000 employees with an adoption rate of 90%?
  • .... and what can you learn from this success story?


Define your own Mobile Strategy that delivers a set of interconnected mobile experiences. Attend this webinar to ensure you've considered every major approach, along with its benefits and drawbacks. 


This webinar is especially interesting for:

CEOs, Digital Experience Managers, Mobile Strategy Specialists, Marketers, Communication Specialists and Project Managers


juan manuel navarro-140x140.png  

José Manuel Navarro

Senior Software Engineer


José Manuel Navarro is responsible for the mobile strategy at Liferay. Since he joined Liferay, he and his teams have created several products to give companies the right tools to succeed in their enterprise mobile apps. Currently they are inspiring teams, partners and customers to ride the new wave of Enterprise Mobility and Digital Transformation.

Prior to joining Liferay, José was the CTO or Chief Architect in several startups both in Europe and America. In his spare time he teaches in a local university, helps in local non-profits and takes care of his two lovely kids.

Maarten van Heiningen  

Maarten van Heiningen

Senior Liferay Consultant


Maarten van Heiningen is Senior Liferay & Usability Consultant at Componence, Platinum Partner of Liferay Benelux. His main focus is the functional side of the Liferay suite with a keen interest in Usability. Getting the best possible Liferay results is what counts for him.

Maarten is a passionate Liferay evangelist with 12 years of full-time Liferay experience and a well-known and active Community Member.

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