Gain Accurate Insights Into Target Audiences And Touchpoints

Liferay Analytics Cloud is a SaaS customer and web analytics tool that aggregates data and visualizes analytics regarding people and their interactions. It is designed to provide Sales, Marketing and Service teams with the information they need to deepen their understanding of the full customer lifecycle.

What are my customers’ true interests? How can I provide a more personalized experience? What's the best way to fix broken processes? Getting smarter and faster is the key to digital success for enterprises.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A hands on demo of Liferay Analytics Cloud.
  • Understand how Analytics Cloud helps companies to create a single view of the customer.
  • Discover how Analytics Cloud helps to truly understand audience interests for more accurate personalized experiences.
  • See how Analytics Cloud measures performance and help you understand the ROI of your digital content.

*Liferay Analytics Cloud is currently in private beta.

Meet the Presenter:

Jonathan Lee  

Johnathan Lee

Product Manager


Jonathan Lee is a Product Manager and has been with Liferay since 2010. Although he started out as a Software Engineer, Jonathan enjoyed interacting with business users and working on feature requirements for various products in Liferay. Jonathan eventually joined product management team in 2016 and is one of responsible Product Managers of Liferay Analytics Cloud.

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