Features of a Future Enterprise Learning Solution

We know that organizing training in an enterprise can be challenging. The work environment is rapidly changing, and in order to be successful, enterprises and their employees need to be able to adapt, react, and learn quickly. Employees have different skills and competencies, and thus should have personalized training content. Different kinds of learning methods, such as online training and traditional onsite or classroom training, need to be combined to reach optimal results.

We want to present you the new Valamis - Learning Experience Platform, which has been built to be an easy tool for managing training and development in any large company. Valamis now has many new features, like Learning Pattern Report and Training Events, that have been created to support learning managers to making content, establishing courses, and following results with detailed analytics as flexible and easy as possible.

Key takeaways

  • Understand which features a future enterprise learning platform should offer
  • How to easily manage enterprise online and offline training
  • How to measure learning results effectively with new Learning Pattern Report
  • How to enable user content creation

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Johnnie Stubbs, Liferay, Inc.

Johnnie Stubbs has more than 15 years of experience delivering IT solutions in aerospace, defense, and other North American markets. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Johnnie has worked with leadership in both large and small organizations.

Coming from a family of educators, he understands the importance of lifelong learning, and how delivering customized learning experiences to each individual in an organization can help people achieve their full potential. In his spare time, Johnnie is involved in service projects for youth, community, and disaster relief.