Enabling Better Patient Outcomes By Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency

Smith & Nephew helps hospitals and surgeons reduce costs and improve efficiency in the operating room. To deliver maximum value, the company needed a flexible, future-ready platform to build its S2 Procedure Performance application. The S2, a digital training and instrument streamlining solution, lets the OR staff set up surgical tables for specific procedures and doctors including the ability to provide photos and videos about how the doctor wants the patient prepped.

Join the webinar presented by Liferay and Rivet Logic to hear more about Smith & Nephew's story. Learn how they used the challenges and lessons learned to create a connected care platform for the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Smith & Nephew used a Liferay-based solution to deliver an enhanced user experience
  • How a personalized training environment decreased training time and used gamification for dynamic learning
  • Working with analytics on instrument utilization to help hospitals reduce costs 


Alaaeldin El-NattarChief Operating Officer, Rivet Logic  


Alaaeldin oversees Rivet Logic's practices to ensure delivery of the highest level of professional services to clients. He has more than 18 years of enterprise IT software design and development experience including deep expertise in open source platforms from Liferay, Crafter CMS, MongoDB and Alfresco.    

Chris Chiozza, Manager of Software Architecture, Smith & Nephew  


With 30+ years of IT experience, Chris is the Manager of Software Architecture at Smith & Nephew. Previously with FedEx, he developed the Customer Service Workstation, CAD + CAFM solutions, Shipment Trace/Tracking distribution, and the 1- 800 Go FedEx call centers.    
Tyler Fuehrer, Manager of Tech and Education Services, Smith & Nephew  


Tyler currently serves as the Manager of Technology and Education Services. He has worked in Surgeon Education, Medical Device Technologies, and Healthcare Education Platforms for over 10 years.    

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