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The benefits of effective content Management - A series in association with Digirati

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Ville Vartiainen, Digirati: How to biuld a user-centric CMS with structured content 

Ville is a UX Consultant with Digirati and has been working in the digital sector for 17 years. He has worked for many iconic brands and FTSE companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Vodafone, Metro Online and Glaxo SmithKline. 

Since joining Digirati he has been focused primarily on product design, content strategy and UX governance on client projects. He has extensive experience in this industry and a detailed knowledge of web standards, User Interface design, information architecture, accessibility and user experience.

Structured content can help a website to better address users' needs throughout the information lifecycle by making content auditing and planning easier, improving content discovery and facilitating content repurposing.

In this webinar, Ville Vartiainen, Senior UX Consultant, Digirati will explain how to uncover a domain model through research with both domain experts and users, refine a content model and plan the structure of your CMS in a 1 hour long video, including a 20 minute demo using Liferay DXP. 

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Diego Lago, Digirati: How taxonomy underpins UX and sustainable websites

Head of User Experience at Digirati, Diego works with clients to develop content strategies including approaches to information architecture and semantic enrichment. He is particularly focussed on the convergence of user experience with information management. Prior to Digirati, Diego worked for a number of leading Digital agencies applying a broad range of UX practices.

Learn about the fundamentals of Content Strategy including the key benefits, roles, activities and deliverables associated with it. Diego explores how the use of a well-formed Taxonomy plays a major role not only on the ‘content’ aspect of the strategy but also on the ‘people’ components of it from workflow to governance. In this webinar, Diego Lago, Head of User Experience at Digirati illustrates these concepts using an open source taxonomy management, auto-tagging and content management solution - all seamlessly integrated within the Liferay environment.

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