Using cloud-friendly platforms to reduce costs and to create new services quickly

Many digital businesses have switched to cloud services and modular frameworks in order to reduce their operational costs and speed up their development processes. In today’s digital world, time-to-market is critical, and being able to deploy new products and services faster is creating competitive differentiators for our customers. The cloud, the use of containers, or modular architectures empower you to innovate faster while being more cost effective.

Upgrading to Liferay DXP helps the cost saving, the innovation and digital transformation process thanks to its cloud-friendly compatibility services, and the benefits that modular architecture and the containers contribute to cloud infrastructures. In this webinar you will learn:

What you'll learn:

  • How Liferay DXP supports deployment strategies based on cloud or on-premise infrastructures.
  • How Liferay DXP is compatible with Platforms as a Service with the possibility of deployment to private clouds and to public cloud infrastructures.
  • How to deploy a cluster of Liferay DXP nodes using Docker containers (demo).
  • How Liferay DXP provides LCS, a cloud-based service, that gives you greater control and closer monitoring over Liferay DXP’s performance with fix pack management, maintenance updates, performance reports, and self-scaling infrastructure rules (demo).
  • How Liferay DXP modular architecture based on OSGi technology reduces both development cycles and maintenance costs.
  • How development tools like BLADE and Liferay Developer Studio help develop modular applications for Liferay DXP in a more agile and flexible way as the new time-to-market demands.
This webinar is especially interesting for:

CTOs, IT Directors, or developers, working currently with Liferay previous versions, who need a modular platform for developing and managing easy-to-consume services in the cloud.

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Kris Patefield

Pre-Sales Engineer 


Kris Patefield is Liferay's Pre-Sales Technical Consultant in the UK. Kris has worked in digital transformation technologies as a developer, manager and consultant since 2002. Kris has a keen interest in back-end JAVA service enabled technology mixed with modern front-end design patterns. 

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