Liferay LIVE Webinar

March 12, 2014


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Case Study: Enterprise Gamification Driving Incremental Revenue Growth

CIGNEX Datamatics' Liferay based User eXperience Platform (UXP) approach focuses on enhancing the user experience & productivity of both internal and external users. Based on the success Gamification has achieved in engaging with users and learning applications, IHG explored an Enterprise Gamification solution with the objectives of improving user engagement, driving a faster return on investment, and improving the quality & timeliness of data, apart from reducing the learning curve. Attend this session to hear from IHG and CIGNEX Datamatics on how IHG is driving incremental revenue growth through their Liferay based Meeting Point portal which is used by global sales team to sell meeting space across various IHG brands. This Meeting Point portal is integrated with existing enterprise applications, analytics, and NitroGamification application (from BunchBall Inc.).

Learn how IHG has achieved a better and more engaging user experience with increased productivity and improved collaboration.








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March 12, 2014

10a – 11a PT